wxPython 4.0.2 Released

"Cute as a June Bug!"

wxPython 4.0.2 is now available at PyPI, with some additional files at the Extras archive.

Changes in this release include the following:

  • Fixed wx.html2.EVT_WEBVIEW_NAVIGATING event not being sent on some versions of Linux. (#741)

  • wx.Sizers can now be used as an iterator to iterate over the items within the sizer. (#738)

  • Fix Python3 division in ThumbnailCtrl. (#746)

  • Fix leaking image list in CheckListCtrlMixin (#752)

  • All items marked as deprecated in the wxWidgets interface (documentation) files will now throw a DeprecationWarning when used from wxPython. Many of these items are disappearing in 4.1 so it's important to ensure they are deprecated at runtime too instead of just in the docs. (#749)

  • Ensure that the attribute list given to the GLCanvas constructor is zero-terminated like it was in Classic. (#770)

  • Updated to the wxWidgets 3.0.4 release version.

  • Added the wxWidgets version number to the tail end of the string returned by wx.version().

  • Bind EVT_WINDOW_DESTROY event only to the tree windows in CustomTreeCtrl, since otherwise it would be caught when child windows are destroyed too, which causes problems in this case. (#778)

  • Fixed a problem where wx.TreeCtrl.OnCompareItems was not being called in derived classes on Windows. This was due to an optimization that wasn't compatible with how the classes are wrapped. (#774)

  • Added wrappers for wx.ClassInfo and exposed wx.Object.GetClassInfo. This class is part of wxWidgets' internal type information system and although it is not very useful for Python applications it is useful for debugging some internal wxPython issues.

  • Removed the wx.lib.pubsub package, and replaced it with code that imports the standalone PyPubSub in order remain compatible with older code that still uses wx.lib.pubsub. (#782, #792)

  • Fixed bug in wx.lib.intctrl (#790)

  • Fixed subclassing of wx.TextCompleter and wx.TextCompleterSimple (#827)

  • Fixes for Python3 compatibility in PyCrust. (#823)

  • Fix wxGet to be able to use pip v10. (#817)

  • Change winid parameter in wx.ScrolledWindow to id, for consistency. (#816)

  • Ensure that the page exists in book controls GetPage and RemovePage methods. At least one of the wx ports do not do this. (#830)

  • Added missing wx.NumberEntryDialog

  • Change wx.TextCompleterSimple.GetCompletions to send the list of strings as a return value, rather than a parameter that gets filled. (#836)

  • Enabled the wx.GraphicsContext.Create(metaFileDC) wrapper (#811)

  • Metafile support is also available on OSX, so wx.msw.Metafile and wx.msw.MetafileDC have been moved to the core wx module. So they can now be accessed as wx.Metafile and wx.MetafileDC.

  • Updated the waf tool used by the build to version 2.0.7. This fixes problems with building for Python 3.7.

  • Fixed alignment in buttons on MSW which have had foreground or background colors set. (#815)

  • Fix for unexpected assertion inside wx.aui.AuiMDIChildFrame.Close.

  • Fix a bug in setting AuiDockingGuide size. (#727)

  • Remove unnecessary AUI notebook updating, and use wx.BufferedDC in Repaint() to mitigate flicker. (wx.lib.agw.aui). (#851, #686)

  • Fixed crashing bug when using client data with items in wx.dataview.DataViewTreeCtrl. (#856)

  • Detach wx.Control in AuiToolbar from current sizer before attach to a new one. (#843)

  • Fixed a problem in wx.lib.mixins.listctrl.TextEditMixin where the height of the editor widget could be set to zero. (See discussion in #849)

  • Fix a bug in calculating whether a tool fits into the AuiToolBar. (#863)

  • Override SetForegroundColour and SetBackgroundColour in MaskedEditMixin (#808)

  • Add an explicit wx.GraphicsContext.Create overload for wx.AutoBufferedPaintDC. (#783)

  • Return original AGW window style in AuiToolBar.GetAGWWindowStyleFlag. (#870)

  • Fix a bug in group management on wx.lib.masked.numctrl; the previous code used truediv ('/') to calculate _groupSpace, but in python 3.x this leads to a float result, instead of an integer as was expected. Using floordiv ('//') instead to solve the problem. (#865)

  • Hide the window when the tool does not fit into AuiToolBar. (#872)

  • Fixed the virtual dispatch code for the PGEditor.GetValueFromControl method to properly pass the parameters to the Python implementation, and also fixed how the return value is handled. (#742)

  • Fixed all implementations of the PGProperty.StringToValue and IntToValue methods to treat the value parameter as a return value. (#742)

  • Add missing wx.adv.EVT_CALENDAR_WEEK_CLICKED (#875)

  • Fixed the stock labels to conform to Windows design guidelines. (#787)

  • Always reset floating size and style when floating a toolbar in agw.aui. (#880)


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