Hire a wxPython Pro!


UPDATE 2: In one of the great ironies of life, just a few day after I remembered to finally update this post to let you know that I'm working again, I found out that my job would be ending due to our tiny company being acquired by a mega-company. So I'm looking for full-time work yet again. Fun fun fun.

UPDATE: Hi all, I am on the steady income train once again, however I am still interested in learning about opportunities that I may be well suited for. So send 'em if you've got 'em.

Hi all,

Once again I find myself in between full-time employment, and so, once again, I'm informing the wxPython community about it in case anybody knows of opportunities that might be a good fit for me. I'm sure you all have a good idea of my qualifications, but if you need more details please contact me directly. I'm open to direct-hire, contract, or contract-to-hire opportunities. Preferably as a remote worker.

Until the next full-time gig comes along, I'm also open to smaller, one-off wxPython-related jobs. Either some feature or fix within wxPython itself that you want to ensure shows up in a near-future release, or helping out with your own projects using wxPython.

I can be contacted about possible opportunities either by email, or via a direct message at Discuss wxPython.



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