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Module wx.lib.plot

This is a simple light weight plotting module that can be used with Boa or easily integrated into your own wxPython application. The emphasis is on small size and fast plotting for large data sets. It has a reasonable number of features to do line and scatter graphs easily as well as simple bar graphs. It is not as sophisticated or as powerful as SciPy Plt or Chaco. Both of these are great packages but consume huge amounts of computer resources for simple plots. They can be found at

This file contains two parts; first the re-usable library stuff, then, after a "if __name__=='__main__'" test, a simple frame and a few default plots for examples and testing.

Based on wxPlotCanvas Written by K.Hinsen, R. Srinivasan; Ported to wxPython Harm van der Heijden, feb 1999

Major Additions Gordon Williams Feb. 2003 (
-More style options -Zooming using mouse "rubber band" -Scroll left, right -Grid(graticule) -Printing, preview, and page set up (margins) -Axis and title labels -Cursor xy axis values -Doc strings and lots of comments -Optimizations for large number of points -Legends

Did a lot of work here to speed markers up. Only a factor of 4 improvement though. Lines are much faster than markers, especially filled markers. Stay away from circles and triangles unless you only have a few thousand points.

Times for 25,000 points Line - 0.078 sec Markers Square - 0.22 sec dot - 0.10 circle - 0.87 cross,plus - 0.28 triangle, triangle_down - 0.90

Thanks to Chris Barker for getting this version working on Linux.

Zooming controls with mouse (when enabled):
Left mouse drag - Zoom box. Left mouse double click - reset zoom. Right mouse click - zoom out centred on click location.

PlotCanvas Subclass of a wx.Panel which holds two scrollbars and the actual plotting canvas (self.canvas).
PlotGraphics Container to hold PolyXXX objects and graph labels - All methods except __init__ are private.
PlotPrintout Controls how the plot is made in printing and previewing
PolyLine Class to define line type and style - All methods except __init__ are private.
PolyMarker Class to define marker type and style - All methods except __init__ are private.
PolyPoints Base Class for lines and markers - All methods are private.

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