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Package wx.lib.agw

This is the Advanced Generic Widgets package (AGW). It provides many custom-drawn wxPython controls: some of them can be used as a replacement of the platform native controls, others are simply an addition to the already rich wxPython widgets set.


AGW contains many different modules, listed below. Items labelled with an asterisk were already present in wx.lib before:

Bugs and Limitations: many, patches and fixes welcome :-D See the demos for an example of what AGW can do, and on how to use it.

Copyright: Andrea Gavana License: Same as the version of wxPython you are using it with.

SVN for latest code:

Mailing List:

My personal web page:

Please let me know if you are using AGW!

You can contact me at:

AWG version: 0.1.0 Last updated: 17 October 2008, 15.00 GMT

  • advancedsplash: Description:
  • aquabutton: AquaButton is another custom-drawn button class which approximatively mimics the behaviour of Aqua buttons on the Mac.
  • artmanager
  • balloontip: Description: BalloonTip is a class that allows you to display tooltips in a balloon style window (actually a frame), similarly to the windows xp balloon help.
  • buttonpanel: With ButtonPanel class you have a panel with gradient coloring on it and with the possibility to place some buttons on it.
  • cubecolourdialog: The CubeColourDialog is an alternative implementation of wx.ColourDialog, and it offers different functionalities with respect to the default wxPython one.
  • customtreectrl: Description =========== CustomTreeCtrl is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.TreeCtrl, with almost the same base functionalities plus some more enhancements.
  • flatmenu: Description =========== FlatMenu, like the name implies, it is a generic menu implementation.
  • flatnotebook: The FlatNotebook is a full implementation of the wx.Notebook, and designed to be a drop-in replacement for wx.Notebook.
  • floatspin: Description:
  • fmcustomizedlg
  • fmresources
  • foldpanelbar: The FoldPanelBar is a control that contains multiple panels (of type FoldPanelItem) that can be expanded or collapsed.
  • fourwaysplitter: Description =========== The FourWaySplitter is a layout manager which manages four children like four panes in a window.
  • genericmessagedialog: This class represents a dialog that shows a single or multi-line message, with a choice of OK, Yes, No and Cancel buttons.
  • gradientbutton: GradientButton is another custom-drawn button class which mimics Windows CE mobile gradient buttons, using a tri-vertex blended gradient plus some ClearType bold font (best effect with Tahoma Bold).
  • hyperlink: HyperLinkCtrl is a control for wxPython that acts like a hyper link in a typical browser.
  • hypertreelist: Description =========== HyperTreeList is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl, with almost the same base functionalities plus some more enhancements.
  • knobctrl: Description =========== KnobCtrl lets the user select a numerical value by rotating it.
  • labelbook: Description =========== LabelBook and FlatImageBook are a quasi-full implementations of the wx.Notebook, and designed to be a drop-in replacement for wx.Notebook.
  • multidirdialog: This class represents a possible replacement for wx.DirDialog, with the additional ability of selecting multiple folders at once.
  • peakmeter: PeakMeterCtrl mimics the behaviour of equalizers that are usually found in stereos and MP3 players.
  • piectrl: Description: PieCtrl/ProgressPie are simple classes that reproduce the behavior of a pie chart.
  • pycollapsiblepane: A collapsible pane is a container with an embedded button-like control which can be used by the user to collapse or expand the pane's contents.
  • pyprogress: Description =========== PyProgress is similar to wx.ProgressDialog in indeterminated mode, but with a different gauge appearance and a different spinning behavior.
  • rulerctrl: Description =========== RulerCtrl implements a ruler window that can be placed on top, bottom, left or right to any wxPython widget.
  • shapedbutton: Description:
  • speedmeter: Description:
  • supertooltip: SuperToolTip is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.TipWindow and generic tooltip windows, although it is a custom-drawn widget.
  • thumbnailctrl: Description:
  • toasterbox: Description:

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